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In machining, we have focused mainly on turning and milling components with significant volume using modern manufacturing techniques. We using DO IN ONE principle.

Our machinery covers a whole range from bar feeder machine jobs up to couple hundreds kilos. However, most machines are available for making pieces that are approximately the size of a beverage can, with some manufacturing characteristics or strict tolerances.

We could use multiple machines to balance load and minimize our technology risk.

Effective use of robotics and automated IT solutions help ensure unmanned operation in the evenings, at night and on weekends.

We measure and manage work productivity, so that the long-term, highly professional expertise of our staff is effectively focused on performing customer value-creating tasks. Our flexible working time system responds to changing load situations.

Customer Benefits:
  • Advanced Quality Management Processes Prevent Realization of Product Quality Risks
  • Modifying production programs is effortless and capacity is keeping pace with demand
  • Delivering products and taking care of things quickly
  • Efficient machining programs, high degree of automation and hard work keep costs competitive
  • We keep our promises to our customers and are in touch with deviations even before the risk materializes
  • We make every effort to achieve long-term, satisfied customer relationships
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