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We use advanced operating models, such as PPAP, 8D, to manage product and process quality according to customer needs.

We collect versatile traceability information of every production batch, which documents for example, the material batch used, production date, used production machines, calibration of measuring equipment, measurement results and other required parameters. Our quality process heavily relies on comparing different measuring tools, which increases the reliability.

The products may be physically labeled with unique and running identifiers, or alternatively, the identifiers shall be batch-specific. Batch traceability is also maintained through storage operations when using small batch deliveries.

We will proactively inform the customer of any anomalies we detect before the actual error is detected by the customer or end user.

Through us, you can get the quality assurance measures taken by a third party, such as laboratory tests and stress tests.

Customer Benefits:
  • Product quality management and documentation meet the criteria of the most demanding applications
  • A higher level of proactive risk control is achieved through quality management
  • The traceability of material and manufacturing information is made an unbroken chain
  • In the event of a failure, the root causes can be accessed more reliably, the extent of the problem has been clarified and the potential adverse effects of the risky material have been controlled before the parts reach the end user.
  • In the future, the customer may waive the acceptance check of the products and control of their own production
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