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Company History

At the beginning of the 1980s, Finland had reached a good growth rate, when Risto Reponen, accustomed to the hard work of an entrepreneur, sold the Teknokela company he founded, which manufactures fire extinguishing equipment.

 Inactivity did not taste very good, but the opportunity to subcontract work at the Sisu shaft factory in Hämeenlinna attracted me to try.

The production of high-quality transmission components already required a high level of know-how that was slowly accumulating at that time. This will then become a long-running family business, said Risto, in addition to Risto, the son of Esa, who had just begun his studies in machine automation. This is how Reponen Works was started in 1985.

Indeed, the original business idea has been testing for decades: Reponen Works frees up customer resources for core operations by taking care of their product manufacturing, materials management and logistics.

The company was set on a path of rapid growth and many customer relationships have lasted for decades.

“After the recession of the 1990s, we decided to focus on making big series and putting the machines to work. We sharpened our customer relationships and started investing in automation, ”said Esa Reponen, who led the company in 2006 as a result of a generational change.

In spite of the general stagnation around 2009, we continued to invest regularly in machinery while also launching a large-scale process development program. On the other hand, the company has been able to gain access to controlled growth. We moved to our new office premises in 2012, where the walls will not meet, even if we achieve our revenue doubling target ahead of schedule.

Set of values
  • Long-term and mutually valued business relationships with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Care for staff wellbeing, safety and meaningful work
  • Ensuring business continuity with respect to the environment.
  • Productivity through hard and smart work
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