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CNC turningand center jobs

In turning centers, we specialize in pieces of hands-size, where special contours with additional axis, rotary tools and dual spindles, as well as precise tolerances. Thanks to the multi-tasking technology, we can finish components from one machine using do in one principle. Flexible machine tending automation combined with remote monitoring enables efficient utilization of unmanned period in volume products.

Our unique expertise in this field, even on a European scale, is demonstrated by our Mazak Multiplex Brotherhood of 9 machines.
We have several similar machine tools in our machinery. We can produce the same part on many different machines. This gives our customers a unique "back up". The customer is not dependent on a single machine, but we can secure the delivery of their components in the event of a breakdown, for example.

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Download and print the Machine List (pdf)

Multi-Tasking Machines

Machine Types:
  • Mazak Multiplex W200-Y
  • Mazak Multiplex 6200-Y
  • Mazak SQT 200MSY
  • Mazak SQT 18MSY
  • Mazak Nexus 300M U1500
  • Moriseiki NT4300 1500
  • Puma 5100 MSY (D520xL2000, Support Bearing D40-D255)
  • Puma 400 LM (D520xL2000)

Special features of the machine group:

  • 8-axis technology including C and Y axes
  • Rotary tools
  • Dual Spindles
  • Lower turret
  • Dozens of tool magazines
  • Simultaneous movement of 5 axis
  • Robotic machine tending

CNC Machining Centers

At machining centers, we specialize in versatile volume production for machining blanks and castings. Our general machine base is suitable for a wide range of jobs. With high-performance unloading station work combined with minimizing machine stops, we achieve a high duty cycle times.

Machine Types:
  • Mazatech FH-6800
  • Chevalier QP2033

Special features of the machine group:

  • Horizontal or vertical spindle
  • Automatic pallet change
  • Six stations pallet pool
  • Range of motion: x 700-1100 mm, y 500-900 mm, z 500-900 mm
  • Workpiece measurement
  • Zero-point clamping system

CNC-lathe with bar feeder

In bar turning we specialize in making high volume products where the piece does not necessarily have to include difficult features.
Our bar feeder technology scales up to 65 mm in diameter, but on the other hand we can robotically process workpieces up to 20 mm.
A particular cost competitive advantage is achieved by:
  • Optimal machining method between rod automatics and workpiece robotics can be selected product by product
  • The bar laths tighten the use of the hall space
  • Lathes are used by the same workers and at the same time as larger machines
Machine Types:
  • Puma 2500 MSY
  • Hyundai-Kia SKT 21 LMS
  • Mazak QT 250MY U1000

Special features of the machine group:

  • C and Y axes
  • Rotary tools
  • Dual Spindles
  • Material: round, profile, hexagonal rod
Measuring machines

In practice, we can coordinate any piece up to 1000mm / 250kg. In addition, we are able to measure most standard teeth.

CNC coordinate measuring machine
  • Zeiss Contura (700 x 1000 x 600)
  • Dea Mistral (700 x 1000 x 500)
  • Aberlink Xtreme (300, 300, 300)
Coordinate measuring machine
  • Tesa MH3D
Other resources

We also carry out other stages of turning and machining in production.
  • Broaching machine
  • Keyseating machine
  • Bandsaw
  • Circular saw
  • Programming: EdgeCam, WinCam, Mazak SmoothCAM, RopeCam
  • 3D Composite Printer, Markforged Mark Two
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Tool milling
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